My low-carb diet

The purpose of this site is to document my weight loss on a low-carb diet. When I started on August 7 2004, I weighed as much as 131.1 kg (289 lbs). My goal is to get below 77 kg (170 lbs), which would bring my BMI within the normal range, and I hope to achieve this within the year 2005, which I still believe to be possible.

Progress graph

The weight is given in kilograms. The horizontal lines are various goals, and the red line is a linear interpolation of the data from the last week - usually giving a fairly accurate picture of the current progress. The graph is made using the Maple symbolic algebra system.


2004-05-08 - before low-carbing 2004-12-09 - 4 months in
2005-04-14 - 8 months in 2005-08-19 - after 1 year


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